For a special occasion, whether with friends, family or partner, it is normal to want to give something custom made for us and that takes a big smile from the mouth of our loved ones. Therefore, I recommend making a photomontage fun that makes them have a good time. For that, a good site that put within your reach is Fancypix, because it is very easy to make photomontages, thanks to its variety and its effects to photos that can make a very funny result, serious, romantic or nostalgic.

Select an effect

In this way we have nearly made the gift for that person that we like, but we can also use picture frames, ie put a border for the photo is more professional and much prettier. In this sense we can do it ourselves with Fancypix, in the way that we like more. On the other hand, it is a good idea once the photograph we print on the photo paper, then find a good photo frame and make the complete gift, of course with your gift wrap. For that, you have to find a frame that fits the photomontage you have done, and for that you will have to see the color that stands out, and try what is the picture first and not the outside.


A very good option is the call Fancypix Faces, where we can put a face to different moments or characters. That is, we put our friend beside your favorite celebrity, which can be Cristiano Ronaldo or Roger Federer. But it can be Superman, The Little Mermaid or Super Mario. In addition, there are also funny pictures costume, children or sports. The truth is that thanks to their section of categories is very convenient to choose what best we come for every special moment. For surely, is one of the most used sections of the web, the versatility of it.


Now, another fun way to do it is through our gift section Fancypix magazines, where you can make someone very dear is the model of the best magazines in the world, either from a point of view or even seriously funny if we use a template that speaks of family and friends. The holders are made, so we just have to use the one that best suits the personality of the person and apply it to the photo of a comfortable and simple, because we tend to know their tastes well to do well. In short, thanks to Fancypix can make great photo collages that will be more fun gifts for our special people.